Cape Town Open Data Portal now live! Unfortunately with Microsoft file formats :(

The Cape Town Open Data Portal is now live. There are currently already 29 datasets online, ranging from the approved budgets for the past two years to the locations of district and community parks. This is a great development, and this repository will hopefully grow over time with many more interesting and valuable datasets. Eventually, we… Read More »

Call for Information: Do you or does your organization work with open source software? Please send us your info!

Summary: OSSSA (Open Source Software for South Africa) seeks to become the authoritative portal for all Free Software/Open Source Software (OSS) activity in South Africa. If you provide OSS-related services, make an OSS product or otherwise use OSS in interesting ways, please email info AT with information about you or your organization. This info… Read More »

Welcome TechCentral readers!

Dear TechCentral readers, welcome to Open Source Software for South Africa! Regardt van der Berg has written a great summary of OSSSA and its goals over at TechCentral: New platform for open source in SA. If you agree that promoting open source use in South African government and industry would empower South Africans, you can join OSSSA… Read More »

The OSSSA Master Plan (2014-10-08 version)

The initial response to this effort has been super encouraging, thank you very much all for subscribing, following and for advertising! In this short post, I wanted to sketch out our concrete plans for the coming weeks: Grow the OSSSA network as much as possible. There are at least two reasons for this: 1) The… Read More »

OSSSA discussion forums online

I’ve just installed the bbPress WordPress plugin. This means we now have public discussion forums that can be reached by clicking on the “Forums” item in the menu up above. To post on the forum, you will need an account on this blog (you can use it both for forum and blog participation). Please send your… Read More »

German town of Gummersbach migrates to Linux

The German town of Gummersbach (population 50000+) reported that this summer they successfully migrated all 300 of their PCs to Linux and LibreOffice, away from the unnamed proprietary operating system and office suite that they were using. They retain 25 PCs running the proprietary OS for legacy applications. The migration has already saved them a 5-figure… Read More »

OSSSA is born

Today (Monday, October 6, 2014) is the start of Open Source Software for South Africa, or OSSSA for short, a group campaigning for the increased uptake of open source software in South Africa. Please read the about page for more detail. If you also feel strongly that open source software (OSS) should be preferred in… Read More »