OSSSA is born

By | October 6, 2014

Today (Monday, October 6, 2014) is the start of Open Source Software for South Africa, or OSSSA for short, a group campaigning for the increased uptake of open source software in South Africa. Please read the about page for more detail.

If you also feel strongly that open source software (OSS) should be preferred in South African government and industry, please join OSSSA by subscribing to this blog via email, and/or subscribing to @oss4sa on twitter. Contact OSSSA at info@osssa.org.za to get yourself or your company listed on these pages.


4 thoughts on “OSSSA is born

  1. Danie van der Merwe

    I really support this initiative as we have a major problem in SA with a lack of awareness around FOSS options. I also believe that the money can be better invested into our own local economy through training and support. This is already happening, but only amongst a few enlightened businesses. Government can be doing far more about this.
    It is sad to see all the numerous examples at OSSUGSA at https://plus.google.com/communities/114817252801697263201 for foreign countries, and so little happening within SA itself.

    1. Charl Botha

      Your support (and your help spreading he word) is greatly appreciated, thank you very much!

      It would be cool to mention on the about page here that we’re cooperating with OSSUGSA, at the very least in keeping each other up to date. Do you think that’s ok?

  2. Samuel

    i love how open source thinking has transformed cities like Shenzhen to make it “the Silicon Valley of hardware”. our goal as Natfin Institute of Entreprenuership is to function as an open source community that offers learnerships in new venture creation and end user computing.


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