The OSSSA Master Plan (2014-10-08 version)

By | October 8, 2014

The initial response to this effort has been super encouraging, thank you very much all for subscribing, following and for advertising!

In this short post, I wanted to sketch out our concrete plans for the coming weeks:

  • Grow the OSSSA network as much as possible. There are at least two reasons for this: 1) The more individuals and organizations we have in our network, the greater our chances are of knowing someone who knows someone, if you know what I mean. Already the first people who are connected to government have started coming forward. 2) When we start contacting the mainstream media and government, the size of this organization will make a positive difference. Growing the network means getting people to follow @oss4sa, or to subscribe to the blog (see top-right) and to take part in the forums.
  • Flesh out this site with useful resources: This means case studies, areas where OSS solutions are not up to standard (yet) and information about local companies that work and can help with OSS.
  • Make plans for the subsequent letter writing and lobbying phase. Unless somebody else comes up with a better plan, I’m going to draft letters to our representatives in government, and also seek out other influencers to contact.

If you’re interested, you could do the following:

  • Send a mail to info AT with your preferred username to get an account on the forums. Discuss away, suggestions for concrete activities welcome!
  • Send a mail to that same address if you would like to write a page about what your company does and could do with OSS. I’m still debating (internally) on whether we should publish company pages as blog posts or just normal pages.

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