Call for Information: Do you or does your organization work with open source software? Please send us your info!

By | December 2, 2014

Summary: OSSSA (Open Source Software for South Africa) seeks to become the authoritative portal for all Free Software/Open Source Software (OSS) activity in South Africa. If you provide OSS-related services, make an OSS product or otherwise use OSS in interesting ways, please email info AT with information about you or your organization. This info will be added to the OSSSA website. See below for more detail, and the required format.

For OSSSA, two important components of promoting OSS uptake in South Africa are:

  1. Becoming a valuable and central source of information on all open source software entities / experiences / implementations as well as benefits / costs to organizations and individuals and
  2. Building a visible and active community of OSS-supporting organizations and individuals.

OSSSA seeks to organise the free software community in order to make the case for greater adoption of open source in South African business, NGOs and government. We will do this by collating and organising as much as possible open source software activity/information in South Africa. By providing a central portal that organises the community we can make the case for greater OSS adoption.

The community should include as much as possible of the entire ecosystem, from the casual user to the superusers and sysadmins of large corporate South Africa, to the developers/programmers, trainers and supporters of free software in SA.

OSSSA should become a go-to resource for anyone needing to find open source/free software supporting entities, whilst contributing to the growing OSSSA community in SA.

Request 1 – RESPOND –¬†Please send an email to info AT with as many of the following items of information as possible:

  • Name of organization or individual
  • Logo / graphic
  • Website
  • Contact address
  • What OSS-related activities is your organisation involved in? What capabilities does it have / services does it offer (if any)?
  • Category Keywords, e.g. training, support, programming, education, business etc (use as many as you want; we can use this to tag the various pages on the site)

We will organize all the submitted information, and publish it on the OSSSA website.

Request 2 – SHARE this call with as many potentially OSS entities as you can!

Remember to use our social media handles: @oss4sa on Twitter, +osssa on Google+ (pending), osssa on facebook (pending)

One thought on “Call for Information: Do you or does your organization work with open source software? Please send us your info!

  1. Mike Stroud

    I have been an Open Source evangelist for some years now!

    I have over 25 years IT experience and have been in the ERP arena since 1996. I am an IT expert in many categories with hands-on experience in multiple industries and across several disciplines. I have experience with several ERP packages (Syspro, SAP Business One) across all modules as well as various Business Intelligence tools
    (Cognos, Crystal, etc).

    I am also familiar with Linux, CRM, ECM, Workflow, SQL Server, XMS/XSL, Change Management (CMII) and have some Java exposure. I have installation, training and pre/post sales support experience.

    Please post a reply should you, or someone you know, be in need of my services: I am especially interested in Open Source ERP! Thanks.


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