An important component of our promotion of open source software in South Africa, is the growing network of OSSSA supporters and collaborators, consisting of companies, organizations and individuals. On this page we list a number of these entities, so that interested readers can get an idea of the diversity of our support, and, importantly, can also get an idea of where they can find OSS-related support in more formal and specific settings.

Obsidian Systems provides professional open source software solutions, support and training, often around Linux. They have 19 years of experience (since 1995!) bringing open source software to the South African enterprise.

Sentilus is a services company focused on custom solutions for process engineering, specialising in the mining and metals industry.

Stone Three Venture Technology develops bespoke enterprise software engineering solutions for industry leaders. Its core domains are signal processing, machine vision, software defined radio, data analytics & machine learning. Stone Three relies on open source components in many of its systems.

vxlabs builds data visualization, image analysis, machine learning and software engineering solutions that solve hard problems with a combination of elegant computer science and practical engineering. Solutions are based almost exclusively on OSS components, code contributions are regularly made to OSS software.

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